Thursday, March 29, 2012

My Grad School 'Family' & Transitions...

This has been such a weird week.
I never got around to my 'pins to projects' post at all this week.
The more I thought about it, the more I realized I didn't
really do anything that exciting last week, so I scrapped it all together.

This has also been a weird week because I've been home with the kiddos
a lot more than usual.  I said it before, but our nanny's away (miss her dearly!),
so I decided to (conveniently) take the opportunity to get some extra
mama/babies time.  It's been a good week!

Today, I took the kiddos on campus to visit my work
friends and just visit in general.  I've been a grad student
for nearly 6 years, so needless to say, I know a lot of people
on campus (okay, a lot of people in the Psychology Department...).
Although I haven't actually taken a class in about 2 years,
I'm still on campus all the time because it's where
I work as a research assistant.

It's funny because what I do for work right now is not
what I envision myself doing in the future...well, not most of it at least.
That said, I LOVE the people I work with and I look forward
to seeing them every day I'm there.  I think that is nearly
as important as enjoying the work you do!

So, one of the big reasons I wanted to take the kiddos on campus
was to visit my co-workers.  Some of the people I work with have known me
since I started the Ph.D. program (2 years before Audrey was in the picture!),
while others, I've only known for about 7 months, and thus,
they hadn't met either of my munchkins.  We had lunch
with my current co-workers and then did some general visiting.

Audrey cracked me up in true Audrey style, like she always does.
The girl is so NOT shy and I love it.  She is instant
friends with everyone.  At lunch, she sat between 2 of my co-workers
and was content to chat it up with them, only acknowledging my existence
every now and then (generally to ask if she could have candy).
Little man hung out in his stroller and took it all in.

After lunch, we went to visit at a bunch of different offices...
we saw peers of mine in the program, former co-workers, my current mentor,
administrative staff that I'm close with, etc.
It was just really cool.  As we strolled around, from office to office,
I realized just how many people on campus I thought it was important to see...
how many people I wanted to share my kiddos with because
I knew they'd care and want to see what we were all up to.
I got comments like, "Last time I saw you, you only had 1," and
"When did she [Audrey] get so big?"

Most of the time, I am so very ready to move forward
and get started with my internship and transition
(far, far) away from being a graduate student.
I'm *still* so ready to do that, but today,
I really felt connected to my grad school family
and it made me think just a little bit more about what a big
transition I have ahead of me in just a few short months.

I know the change will be a good one and
although it's been a very LONG process to get to this point...
at the end of the day, I really do feel like I've gained this
great big family.  I mean, sure, it's dysfunctional
just like any other family, but I can't imagine not having them.
Just like any other family.

One more Audrey highlight of the visit?
My academic mentor gave Audrey a pear.
I thought he was just being nice...
But when I thanked him, he informed me that
Audrey had already taken a bite out of the pear.
Ha. oops.



Kat said...

Loved reading this and had to LOL about it being a dysfunctional family. It's always great showing off our kiddo's! HAHA on Audrey just taking a bite from the pear.

Jo said...

You are very lucky that you can take your kids to 'the office' and brag with them. Audrey sounds like great a great kids!

Jo said...

You are very lucky that you can take your kids to 'the office' and brag with them. Audrey sounds like great a great kids!

Kameron said...

That pear thing sounds like something Arielle would, ahem, has pulled before. :) It is nice to feel connected to a group of people like that. I have opportunities to bring my kids to work for events and I llove doing the same thing. It is really hard getting out of the school mentality. A little scary to be in the real world. I think I went through a little bit of withdrawl when I graduated too. :)

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