Tuesday, April 3, 2012

Dear Jameson...You're How Old?!?!

My sweet Jameson,

I like to think of my blog as a sort of journal - I know it'll be amazing to look back at these posts one day, and one thing I don't ever want to forget is what you are like right now.  What you are is perfect. and funny. and smooshy. and adorable. and FULL of personality!

But first, let's clear some things up... How old are you now?!  9 months old?!  Please.stop.growing.  I can't believe we have less than 3 months until you celebrate the big **1**.  Mama is SO not ready and I'm SO going to cry.  But, we'll address that another day.

Today, I want to tell you how head over heels in love I am with you and all that you are.  You rocked my world in a way I couldn't have possibly imagined.  I definitely wanted a boy while I was pregnant with you; I won't lie.  I had a daugther and I wanted a son... I also wanted Audrey to have a baby brother just like I do (selfish, right).  Selfish or not, I gotcha!  You are more than I ever could have imagined.  Mama's boy doesn't even begin to describe how attached you and I are.  My good friend calls her 3 year old her shadow and I'd say that you're my little shadow, too.  Except I have to carry you around, since you can't follow me... yet!

About that, let me tell you all about what you're up to these days!

* You LOVE to eat.  You've always loved to nurse (you soooo prefer Mommy over bottles ANY day), but now you LOVE LOVE LOVE LOVE to eat food.  Did I say LOVE?  You LOVE it.  You've had purees for a few months, but now you're really into: pieces of toast with jam, pieces of peach, apples, bananas, kiwi, avocado, watermelon, beets, potatoes, rice, noodles... basically, ANYTHING we'll let you have.  Your favorites are definitely toast and peaches.

* You're so darn vocal!  You're always talking to me... "A dah" "Da da da da" "Ba ba ba ba" "Ga ga ga" "Ya ya ya" and you love to play with lots of fun squeals, like "eeeeeeeee" and "aaaaaaaaaAAAaaaa"  I could listen to you sing all day long.  Your voice is perfect.  And, on about TWO measly occasions, you said "Mama"  I can't wait to hear that one more often!

* I'm trying to teach you a few baby signs.  You don't know any set, but you seem to enjoy watching me sign like a fool.  I'm trying to teach you: milk, eat, more, please, and thank you (okay, I know, it's sort of ridiculous trying to teach those to a 9 month old, but you're SMART, and I know you'll get them all eventually).  You don't know 'more' yet, but when I sign it, you get excited and kick your legs and flail your arms - I guess that's how YOU sign more.  I should learn that one, right?! :)

* You can sit like a champion now!  You were late to sit and I thought you never would.  It's so nice to set you down when I'm in the middle of something and you're enjoying it too - you can play with all sorts of new toys.

* So what about getting mobile?  Well, your preferred method  of transportation is riding on a carrier on Mommy OR rolling all over the place like a crazy little monkey.  You've got skills, son!!  Crawling?  Not so much.  You sort of do an inch worm crawl that makes me chuckle.  You can't really get up on your knees, which is an essential part of crawling.  I try to help you because it seems like you WANT to go, but so far, I haven't been much help.  Pulling up?  Not yet!  You like to stand holding onto the ottoman, but Mommy has to place you there.  You're good at getting down - you just fall back on your tush and roll on your way...

* Sleeping?  You're a champion!  I bow down to you!  You're an amazing baby.  I'm going to get lots of hate mail for posting this, because I know lots of mamas with boys (and girls!) your age aren't so lucky, but THANK YOU, my son.  You sleep 12-13 solid hours at night without making even the tiniest peep (most of the time) and then you take a 2 hour morning nap and (usually) a 1 hour afternoon nap, but sometimes you protest that nap altogether.  Given that solid night sleeping, I don't usually complain (too) much!

* How big are you?  You're my BIG, handsome boy!!!  People always ask how old  you are and how much you weigh because you are solid, my dumpling.  I always say "22 pounds" but I'm guessing.  Guess what?!  I weighed you this morning and you ARE 22 pounds.  You and I, we have a connection, yes we do - I just knew it.  You wear mostly size 12 month clothes, but you need 18 months in a lot of pants and in all your jammies.  I hope they make 1st birthday shirts in size 18m or 2t at the rate you're going!!

* What do we call you?  When I was pregnant, I called you "Jamie" and that's what I told everyone we were naming you.  Of course, your full name is Jameson and what does Mama call you?  Usually Jameson, Jamers, Dumpling, Handsome, or Little Man... but never... Jamie.  Funny, right?!  Lots of people call you Jamie including big sis, but not me.  I don't have anything against it, but you just aren't really a Jamie to me - you're my Jamer boy.

Okay, my darling dumpling doodle, I think I'd better go.  You see, you're sitting in the jumperoo RIGHT NOW, looking at me, like "what on Earth are you doing, Mom?", because obviously, I should get down on the floor and play with you.  And so I shall!

Oh, but first... don't want you to see how handsome you are?!  I couldn't imagine a cuter baby boy with your BRIGHT blue eyes and super curly hair.  Yes, it's true - you ARE the most adorable baby there is. 

I love you, my sweet Jamer boy!

All the love I have,


next to Mama, sissy is your FAVORITE

who has bed head?!

Mama's boy


Kameron said...

I love doing the updates on the kids. I go back and read them and am so glad I have those little memories written down. So, um, I can make him a birthday shirt! If you tell me the theme I can design something for you. I make them for all of my friends and I used to sell them on Etsy, but just don't have enough time to keep up with my ship right now. :) Let me know.

Jo said...

aah that was just so sweet! You are right you have to write all these things down cause one tends to forget the small perfect moments!

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