Monday, April 23, 2012

Show It Off Sunday... on Monday

Hey friends!  Yesterday, I was totally out of commission. totally.
I woke up and was seeming okay, but about an hour after my day begin,
I just felt off.  Woozy. Achy. Tired. Not good!
I knew pretty early that a blog post certainly wasn't happening.
Even worse than me feeling off?  My little guy didn't feel so hot either.

The only good that came of our yesterday yuckies was all the extra snuggles
and taking naps together.  I *never* nap.  Seriously.
So, the Mr. knows when I want to nap, it must be serious.  seriously ucky.

I did start to feel better by the end of the day and I got a full night's sleep
last night, so I'm feelig (mostly) back to normal today.
Normal enough to show you my pins to projects.
It's easy to show them off when there aren't very many (hehehe)
Perhaps I'll get around to more this week (I hope!)

So, here they are, a day late.

I don't yet have the energy to bother with adding the Mister Linky
gadget so others can link up.  Maybe I'll do that later.
It's effortful enough just to get my own up, so I'll stick with that for now!

1. Washing Machine Notes

from pin:

to project:

I took this picture with a 'fancy' setting on my phone in hopes my washer wouldn't look as dirty, but I think I managed to make it look even worse.  Apparently I'll be scrubbing the outside of my washer this week because this is downright embarassing! ;)

Anyway, dirty washer (ironic) aside, this is a GENIUS idea.  I have shrunken too many 'lay flat to dry' sweaters, and those days are gone.  Simple idea!  I used a wet erase marker, but it wipes off easily so I can just jot down all of the non dry delicates once I start the washer.

2. Tomato Tortellini Soup

From pin:

to project:

I used tri-color tortellini for a little color - not my best photography, but you get the idea

Mmmm this soup is GOOD.  And, it whips up quickly.  Seriously, it takes no more than 30 minutes.  Also, everyone in the family loved it. win win win.  I'll be making this again and again.  Oh, and there are lots of leftovers, so it's great for taking for lunch or giving me a reason to not make dinner on another evening (leftover soup, people!).  Absolutely try this one!

Okay, there you have it.
I can tell I'm not quite myself yet, because writing this post took entirely too much
energy and thought.  I'm exhausted and ready for a nap after that.  Sad, right?
What's more sad is how that is not an option.  It's dissertation day, so I need
to code code code the day away.  Maybe if I code quickly, I can come home
early for a teeny nap.  A girl can dream...



Melody Logan said...

I hope you get feeling better soon! The soup looks delicious :)

An Irish Italian Blessing said...

Great job and the washer idea is genius, seriously, I see these ideas and wonder why I didn't think of them?! Hope you're feeling better!

laura said...

The soup sounds easy and yummy!

Kameron said...

I will have to try that soup. It has been cold and rainy here so I think some yummy, filling soup is in order!

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