Monday, January 20, 2014

For My Health

I'm not a big fan of New Year's resolutions... it seems they are made to be broken.  They are often lofty, vague, and begging to be  destroyed, often within days of the first.
So, I'm not making a resolution, per se (hey, Mom!), but I am making some changes
for my health
I'm making some goals
for my health
And so far, I'm doing pretty well!
Let me share with you my goals/changes I'm working on.  I embrace that they are a work-in-progress and that I won't stick to them perfectly.  I'm not resolving to do that, anyway.  But I know little by little, if I make some lifestyle tweaks, I'll feel a lot better.
I've had a lot of weird, mysterious health problems over the past 6 months.  My dentist and I have landed on TMJ (temporomandibular joint problems - read an overview here)
but I'm not sure that diagnosis and associated treatment will explain/help all of my symptoms, namely widespread muscle pain.
I'm going the doctor/medical route to figure this all out and get closer to wellness, but I'm also taking my health into my own hands.
Here are some changes I'm working on... and so far, they really do make a difference!
1) sleep...SLEEP...sleep...SLEEP
I don't get enough of it and I know that this is a big trigger for my pain.  Last night, I got almost 9 hours of sleep and I feel SO much better today.  Who am I kidding?  I'm never going to get 9 hours of sleep a night, but I'm REALLY making it a priority to get at least 7.  I need it.  My body needs it.  My mind needs it.
2) Water first! 
I'm drinking 24oz of water first thing when I wake up to hydrate my body and get ready for the day.  To make it fun and delish, I'm infusing my water with different fruits each day - lemon, blueberry, strawberry, whatever I feel like.  Today is strawberry!
3) Making exercise a priority
I'm aiming for 3-4 times a week of movement, whatever it is.  I don't always make it to the gym and that's fine.  I want to get my body moving and stretching.  This is great for my heart wellness, reducing pain, and for my mind.
I'm especially trying to get in more yoga.  It's invigorating and really helps relieve pain for me.

4) Nutrition
I've always eaten pretty healthily, but I'm really focusing on reducing my sweets/sugar and upping my veggies.
One of my fav ways to get my leafy greens is in smoothies!!
My go to recipe:
2 scoops TJ's vanilla protein powder
1 banana (frozen if possible, or I add ice)
cup of fresh spinach
almond milk - I just add until I get the rice consistency
1 tbsp. chia seeds
1/4 cup nonfat greek yogurt
Blend and enjoy!
I'm also enjoying tea/fruit/granola for my evening snack... it's a little better for me than the ice cream I usually reach for!
5) Bubble Baths
Oh my dear bubble baths.  For my mind, body, and soul.  The aroma...the warmth... these bad boys are becoming a staple in my weekly self-care.  I take a bath every other day.  I don't use it for cleaning (that's what my showers are for!), so much as relaxing.  I often have a glass of red wine or cup of tea with me and a good book. 
I also enjoy my baths with some muscle pain relieving goodies like Epsom salts and pain relief bubble bath.  Walgreens has a great selection, surprisingly.  I'm a big fan of Dr. Teal's and Village Natural Therapy brands.
There you have it.
The tweaks/changes I'm making  for my health in 2014 and beyond.
What have you done for your health lately?
- Amber


Shawna said...

Those sound like great goals! I ended up going dairy/egg/red meat free on Jan. 1st, in an attempt to better control my rheumatoid arthritis, and so far it seems to be working! After 16 years on tons of meds I've been completely med free for 3 weeks :-) It's crazy how many medical issues can be tied to what we eat, etc.

Jo said...

I've also started making smoothies for breakfast again and we now have a yoga class once a week at work.

taylorbee said...

LOVE these ideas! simple but big impact. you impress me :)

Carrie said...

Great post! Love your idea for a snack in the afternoon. There are so many different green smoothie recipes out there! I love the idea of adding fruit to my water, that may help me drink more of it!

Colleen said...

love reading this! I like your tea, berry and granola idea. I should try that and I am definitely stealing your fruit infused water because I'm terrible with drinking water.

Nena Wilt said...

At this point I'm just trying to increase my water intake. Once this %&*$#@ dissertation is finished then I'm hoping to focus on getting in better shape. :-)

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam, and Dylan Too! said...

Good for you, mama! I have quite a few of those same goals and it's going well! Love the idea of infusing your water with fruit!

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