Tuesday, January 28, 2014

Play Space Transformation

I have some fun posts planned!!!  Specifically, another What I Wore To Work catch up and....drum roll.... a blog post totally dedicated to NO GUILT HEALTHY SWEETS.  Oh, and I  Are you excited?!?!?  I am!

But alas, I don't have time for either of those today, even though I'm super excited to finally getting around to writing those posts.  You guys are going to love my healthy treats.  You'll remember from my last post on putting my health first that I'm making an effort to cut back on sweets/sugar.  It's just really wicked hard for me to do that, so I have found a way to have my sweets and eat them too...and eat them, I do!

Today, though, I'm just popping on with a 'hey' because I miss my little space on the inter webs.

Oh, actually, I *do* have something exciting to share.

I was thinking... what can I share that is pretty QUICK because my other blog posts are not, but guess what?!  I've got it.

About 2 weeks or so ago, the Mr. and I started doing some major home de-cluttering and space re-organizing.

We had this AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL AWFUL awful awful awful AWFUL mess of space downstairs in our family room.  We called it the "office area" because there was a desk with a computer (not plugged in) and a broken printer back there, but I mean, really, it was AWFUL - because we didn't use of any of the stuff and it just collected (a lot) of dust.

I finally got sick of it and decided that stuff HAD to go.


Great, right?



So, then the question became what to do with the space.. Revamp it as an office area?  Well, no.  The Mr. and I decided we don't need an official office space. We work on our laptops and sit at the dining room table or on the couch, quite frankly.  Instead, we decided we will put a smaller desk/chair IN our family room - it doesn't need its own dedicated space.

So, what did we need room for?

A play area

Not a play room since it's not a separate room, but, a play area.  I was laughing with one of my best friends about this because pre-kids, I was all "Why would you ever have a play room?  My kids won't be so spoiled they own need their own ROOM full of toys - I mean come on, that's what their bedrooms are for. I didn't have a play room and I turned out fine."

Well, now, I'm eating my words.

I totally wish we had a play ROOM - somewhere I could stuff all of their..well..stuff.  Because, what you realize after you become a parent is that, if you don't have a dedicated space for the toys, EVERY room in your house becomes a play room.

Enough of that - I gave in and created a space just for the kids.

No more looking at the little toy train or bean bag chair or barbie or book, etc. while I'm watching tv or chilling downstairs with a book.  That's all behind me now.  LITERALLY - the toys are behind us... the play space is PART of the family room, but still separate enough that it doesn't interfere - it's right behind one of the couches and I have to say, it's working out beautifully.

The kids LOVE LOVE LOVE having a space that is theirs and Audrey has taken to decorating the 'art area' with her work every chance she gets.  The other SUPER weird thing is that they have been keeping it really clean.  They have a sense of pride over this space and man do I hope it lasts.

Okay, enough -- you ready???

Here it comes...


Ta Da!!!

I'm super pleased with how this turned out.  It makes relaxing downstairs so much easier... that cluttered mess of an 'office area' stressed me out.  There is something much more calming about these vibrant color sand the kids' works of art.

Almost everything you see is an IKEA piece.  The bean bag chairs are from Target (the purple) and Babies R Us ( the Madagascar one).

This was all done on the cheap!


Alright, that's all I have time for today!  We're still working on revamping our family area too and once we get that desk I'm looking for, I'll do a before/after sequence on that room as well.

Home renovations, even the small ones, are totally life satisfying, don't ya think?

- Amber


Shawna said...

SUper cute, it looks great!!!

Carrie said...

We so need a play area. I love it! And, oh, oh, oh! I can't wait to see the healthy treats post! Don't keep us waiting long!!!

Kenzie S said...

Oh how awesome! It turned out so cute :D

Tiffanie A said...

This looks wonderful!

Stephanie said...

What a fabulous transformation!! I agree renos are a ton of work, but so worth it in the end!

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam, and Dylan Too! said...

Great job! It looks like a fun place to play!

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