Saturday, February 22, 2014

Job Interviewing & Life in General

Well, hello there.  Haven't seen you in awhile, blog reader.  Here I am!  It was my goal to get in at least one more post before the month is out... so, with that in mind, I rock! A whole 6 days left in the month and then it's March.  And my birthday! (3/1)
So, the past few week have kept me very busy and I have to say, I'm feeling some relief.
I had a super intense job interview this past Thursday (which was postponed from the previous Thursday due to ANOTHER big snow storm!).  The interview was for an assistant professor position at a local university, which meant ALL day interviewing, an observed teaching demonstration, giving a research talk, lunch with students, more interviewing....
just typing it out makes me exhausted all over again!
The good news... I think I nailed the interview and looked the part, too.

The not so good news... is that even if I'm offered the position, I don't plan on accepting.
After weighing the pros/cons, it doesn't seem like a good fit for me, the right balance of responsibilities, or the kind of position that fits in with meeting the needs of my family.
There are some more concerns, but I won't go into them here!
More good news is that the interview really boosted my confidence... my research my teaching abilities the strength of my clinical training and abilities my interviewing skills
and for that, I don't have one bit of regret about interviewing in the first place!
There are other options on the horizon, so I'm confident it will all work out.
My current post-doctoral position goes until September so plenty of time to figure out what the next step in my emerging career will be.  Although I must admit, it is a little strange knowing that they've already *filled* my position for the next post doc.  That's the strange world of psychology, though!
So, really, that's most of what has kept me away these past few weeks.
Job interviewing, my full-time job, teaching on Monday evenings now, and juggling the usual family responsibilities... well, all of that is pretty much owning me right now!
The kiddos continue to be both horribly challenging and amazingly incredible.  That's parenting, yeah?

Until next time, friends...
Have a wonderful rest of your weekend!
I'll be back soon (whatever that means) ;)
- Amber


Carrie said...

I love your daughters style!! I think interviewing is great even if the job isn't the right fit, it's good practice. I love your suit! Hope you find the right fit out there in the job world, I feel it's so important to take a job you'll love over just a job you're just feeling mediocre about.

Kenzie S said...

I love the outfit that you wore! I'm glad that the interview went well and that you are okay with not accepting the offer if it is given. Hopefully you will find the perfect fit soon :)

Jo said...

The perfect job is out there .... and every interview is just practice for that ONE!

So J is an artist while miss A is the style queen, cute

Lexie Loo, Lily, Liam, and Dylan Too! said...

They are too cute!
I have faith that you will find the perfect job. You looked fantastic!

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