Thursday, August 7, 2014

August Updates

Somehow, we're already a week into August.  That doesn't make any sense to me.  What about you?  I feel like this is the kind of post I've become really accustomed to lately, but get ready for rapid fire updates from the past month, because that's what I'm throwing your way!

1. We drove to and survived a trip down to Georgia to visit friends!

This is definitely news-worthy.  The trip down to visit our friendlies and their kiddos was 13 HOURS. 13. hours. in. the. car. with. my. 2. kids.  Oh yeah, and I was 25 weeks prego at the time. Stellar idea, right?!  Well.. it ACTUALLY wasn't half bad.  Our trip and visit were incredible.  It was so fun to spend four nights with our buddies whom we only see once or twice a year since their move down south.  I was absolutely amazed that our road trip wasn't more horrible.  Here's what made it workable:


Pretty much!  I scoured pinterest for "kid road trip ideas" before we left...and there were LOTS and LOTS of suggestions, but most of them involved A LOT of work for me.  Examples: cut out pictures and laminate them and make a matching game, make another elaborate game that involves lots of supplies, time, and $, buy them a bazillion new presents and wrap them all etc. and so forth.

Is it too played out to say "ain't nobody got time for that"  Well, either way, it's true!  I was exhausted just reading those ideas.

Here's what we did instead... each kid got a bag full of stuff to occupy them.

For Jameson (3): a bag full of construction vehicles/cars to play with, new library books, coloring book/crayons.  boom. done.

For Audrey (6): a new tiny lalaloopsy doll with styling accessories, blank note pad with crayons, markers, etc, audiobooks from the library called "playaways" SO COOL - they are these little pods with an audiobook on them, just stick in a battery, and plug in headphones - we got her 3 of these and they were great.

Then, we brought TWO portable dvd players in case they didn't want to watch the same movie (oddly enough, they always agreed) and a boat load of movies.  We also brought a ridonkulous amount of snacks.

It worked for us!!  Those are MY travel trips.  Save yourself the energy.  When you're going on a road trip that long, you've got enough to plan for already.  Why make it harder?!

taking at break at Stone Mountain, Georgia

2. Jameson saw his first movie in the theaters

While we were in Georgia, we went to see Planes: Fire & Rescue.  He freaking LOVED it and hardly moved the whole movie... he was quite loud though, "There's Dusty!" "He's flying!" "Oh no, fire!!!"  It was adorbs.

3. Another big event for the little guy... he finally had his 3rd birthday party

After his original party was cancelled due to illness, he finally had a make up party with a small group of family and friends... and a Planes: Fire & Rescue cake, courtesy of an awesome local baking mama, Molly at Confections of a Baker.  It was a HUGE hit!

4. I passed my ever-important licensing exam!

I'm officially a licensed psychologist in Maryland.  Wow... what a weight off. I started my graduate program in psychology in 2006 and here I am, 8 years later, OFFICIALLY done (aside from CEU credits... no biggie!)

5. I'm on the job hunt

Becoming a grown up means I also have grown up responsibilities like finding a job... I won't elaborate too much here, as I'm not really up for it, but a job that I was sure was going to happen for a good 6 month period (and was promised it would), fell through.  Now, I've got less than 4 weeks at my current postdoctoral position with nothing lined up to come next.  That is NOT a great feeling.  Oh yeah, and I've got to walk into interviews almost 7 months pregnant.  awkward...  Wish me LOTS of LUCK on that front.  I know something will come through soon.

6. Audrey starts first grade in 20 days.

Say whaaaaaaaaaaaaat?!  I guess I have to go school supply shopping.  It's sneaking up on us quick.  Fortunately, she is so super excited to go back.  I hope she maintains that enthusiasm, but I'm not holding my breath ;)

PHEW - that's all for now... no promises on the when the next post will be, but there WILL be a next post.

- Amber


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YAYAYAYAY! Congrats on your exam!

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